2012 London Olympic Village

OnVillage is your guide to the London Olympics 2012 with in depth information about the Olympic Village in Stratford and East London's transformation in preparation for the games including what it will mean to the local residents in future; travel and transport changes and advice during the Olympics as well as how to find and book every type of accommodation from hotels and guest houses to house swaps and short term rentals.

OnVillage also provides information for businesses in and around the area where the London Olympics will be taking place, helping them find information and resources.

The Olympic Games are expected to provide a much needed boost to the city of London and the United Kingdom. Besides the increased revenue brought in by the Olympic visitors and tourists spending in hotels, restaurants, attractions, on travel and transport, the transport infrastructure will be improved, new homes built and areas in East London renewed.

It is estimated that 100,000 new job opportunities will be created. The London Olympic project has already been responsible for the creation of thousands of temporary jobs, the training of thousands more and is directly responsible for fifty thousand people being given support to return to the workforce.

In addition, many businesses in London and throughout the country have successfully tendered for various projects or to be the suppliers of services required for the Games offering these companies increased cash flow and stability.

So whether you are a tourist looking for travel, event and accommodation information about the London Olympics, a hopeful job seeker or a business trying to make preparations for what will be a very busy period, OnVillage is the place to start.

OnVillage - your guide to the 2012 London Olympics!

The photograph above shows a panoramic view of part of the huge construction site in Stratford, London. This development is just one part of the massive regeneration plan this part of the capital in preparation for the London 2012 Olympics. Famous landmarks like Canary wharf, 'The Gherkin' and the Post Office Tower can be seen on the horizon.